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Repair Services

Our Service & Repair team are ready to help you with whatever your door needs. Simply book in a service check or repair by contacting on 01606 621022

Our qualified team of technicians come with an abundance of experience, so whatever the problem, they can repair it and get you up and running again quickly.

Taking out an Annual Service Contract with us will see many benefits for your business:

  • Extend the lives of your industrial doors - this will help you save money in the long term

  • Prevents emergency breakdowns

  • Identifies small problems before they become big ones

  • Ensures you remain compliant with your Insurance Policy

  • Ensures you remain compliant with Legislative Requirements

  • Assists in continued cover under Reg 5. of Health and Safety Regulations

  • Keeps your business secure at all times

  • Keeps your downtime to a minimum

  • Protects your employees and customers

  • Protects you from liability

  • Maintains the internal environment of your buildings



It pays to check your doors are working as they should. Even the best industrial doors require maintenance when they are used every day. Servicing of your doors can extend their life span and as a result, lowers your total door expense. We will fix any underlying issues before they spiral into costly problems for your business.


On discovering a problem one of our highly trained engineers will be scheduled to arrive at a time and date that’s convenient for you. Repairs can include minor adjustments, part replacements, upgrades, and on-the-spot repairs. Our mission is to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.


Annual Service Contracts

There are many benefits when it comes to regular servicing, the main one being financial. Taking out an Annual Service Contract with us means that repairs are few and far between. We make sure that a potential problem is addressed before it becomes a large financial outlay for your business.

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